Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Fishin' the Snake

On our way

Hells Canyon Dam

Hells Canyon OR

Hells Canyon

Roadside view


From above


The river is way down there

Shirley and the boys

Free roaming cattle

National Forest scenery

Our campground in Joseph OR

Cookin' dinner

Hells Canyon that is. After a fitful nights sleep for me worrying about a 40 mile drive with the camper along mountain roads to the gorge we got under way. The road was surprisingly gentle. Not many switchbacks and there were guardrails. We headed down, down to the Hells Canyon damn and visitors center. While this gorge is deeper than the Grand Canyon it is not as wide and awe inspiring. But it was beautiful with the Snake River churning, high canyon walls and bright blue skies overhead. Then we needed to go up and out. And up we did. Once out of the canyon we decided to take the national forest paved two lane road to get a view of Hells Canyon from above. The scene was fabulous but the drive was not. Here we got our fill of switchbacks going over not one but 3 mountains. Great road but I think the motorcyclists had more fun. Once out of the mountains we motored into Joseph Oregon which is a beautiful little town. There is a motorcycle rally going on and our campground is filled to overflowing with bikers. We are in yet another new time zone, Pacific and looking to meet up with Don and Jeanne Thursday. We have talked about them a number of times here and you may remember all the problems they had with their truck. Well, they bought a new one yesterday in Oregon! We are heading to Washington today. Enjoy the pics.

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