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Still in Limassol:

Since we heard nothing to indicate the visa to Iran would be available here in Cyprus, there was no need to get up early for a bus to Nicosia/Lefkosa. We had an easy going morning, Valerie talked to Nikos and he made it possible for her to stay at Mistral for 3 days at a reasonable price. We stopped at the internet where Bon heard from Iran...they say they have been trying to get a hold of the visa ministry to determine what the status is for our approval. No definite word as yet but Bon feels that the chances are good after she talked with the gal via Skype! She thinks we need to get airline tickets asap, and after reading about 5 day transit visas for Saudi Arabia, it appears the only way we have a chance is to have proof of onward travel i.e. airline tickets beyond passage thru Saudi Arabia!

UPDATE NOTE: When we attempted to get transit visas it was a no go even with onward air tickets to Tehran which we now (as of April 19th) have.

Headed for the bus stop to get bus to Larnaca & airport. It was late and turned out to be a minibus...there were 8 of us waiting with luggage and the minibus driver tells us his bus is not equipped to carry luggage!! Larnaca is the only place in Cyprus with an airport! What is the story about sending a tiny 16 passenger bus (they don't allow standing either)!!

The driver insisted that all baggage be placed in the aisles so that all 16 seats were available. Very interesting, luckily all of us were going most of the distance and he (driver) had to pass by only 2 people for lack of seating.

Easy transfer from intercity bus to local bus out to the airport (same bus stop) and no hassle with customs either, (we had wondered about entering from the N - Turkish side - with no stamp for entry into Greek Cyprus). Flight to Cairo included a nice veggie dinner (only a little over an hour flight), more than we got from United 14 hour flight to Tunisia!

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