Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog


Control Room

The reactor was right in this hole

These lights were the indication that electricity was made

1950's era lobby since this was in the 50's

EBR-2 exhibit

Not sure why they all are not made this way

Everyone's gone to the moon

Lava flows

1100 sq miles of lava

Piles of lava

From the top of a volcano

The boys wanted to play on the lava

Back on the road

Our free campsite

Another view

With stream

This no interstate thing is really great. We see so much more of this fabulous country taking the 65 mph two lanes (even though we do 55). We left Idaho Falls and headed toward our days destination of Sun Valley ID. We made a stop at The Atomic Museum about 50 miles from our campsite. Those of you who were old enough to remember 1951 we were in the actual nuclear reactor building which was the first in the world to generate a usable amount of electrical power. The rest of the world was thinking about the bomb while these folks were finding a way to make a peaceful work of splitting the atom. This was a very interesting and educational stop. Then on to Craters of the Moon Ntl. Historic Monument. While not one of my particular faves, Shirley did love it. And I must say it was impressive. Multiple volcanic eruptions millions of years ago has left 1100 square miles of lava flows between the mountains in the Snake River valley. There was a 7 mile paved loop road that took us to all the sights. Then we headed for the campground in the Saw Tooth National Forest. We never found it. BUT not to be thwarted we did come across what appeared to be a tenter’s campground. We went down a dirt road and found campsites that would fit our rig. Since we had our pick we decided to continue down the road. Well the last campsite was #5 and we went past it not knowing. Got about a quarter mile down the one lane road and thought we should turn around. Not possible with the width of the road and size of our rig. So, I backed down the road and finally backed into #5. We knew there would be no hookups (we are dry camping) but we did not know the site was FREE. We like free. And we are next to a babbling stream! Enjoy the pics.

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