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Playa Larga Cuba Location


By 1 pm we were ready to go - our Irish friends to catch a bus to Santa Maria, we the bus to Playa Larga at 3. Walked to the Viazul bus lot and saw Tony & Mairin again...talked a bit more before they boarded their bus at 2:15. Our bus was an "extra" since the regular one to Havana was filled - and so was ours. It left promptly at 3, stopped in Cienfuegos, Playa Giron (on Bay of Pigs) and arrived in Playa Larga about 4. Cathy hired a bicycle taxi to our O.N. when the 'driver' said it was 2 km. Since we'd been sitting for 3-4 hours, Bon & I decided to walk - Cathy's bag has no wheels so she'd have to carry it. It couldn't have been more than half a km...Cathy came back to the main road and flagged us down, we'd already passed the turn, ha!

Very nice place and folks very welcoming/friendly, although our room was a bit cramped with 3 of us but no problem. Daniel sat down with us to help plan our visit, speaks enough English for this.

We decided to book a private car for the 11th because Bon very much wants to see Varidera, the big tourist town famous for it's beach but also very pricey. Ordinarily the shared taxis (30 km from town) would take 2 1/2-3 hours to Havana. Because we'd be going a bit out of the way it will take 4-5 hours.

Daniel recommended restaurant Jeni just a couple blocks away - we had a GREAT meal for not much $ even with tip.


Nana arranged a taxi to take us to the crocodile park where we spent an hour seeing the crocs of all sizes and eating, plus a couple GBHs and turtles and the only rat-type mammal indigenous to Cuba. Also, went on a boat ride (after 45 min wait for it to fill, ha!) to a ridiculous "re-creation" of the indigenous peoples who supposedly lived here when the Spanish arrived 500+ years ago! Really?! It's mostly a tourist trap thing to get $$ but we enjoyed the boat ride there and back - 15 minl each way. Also, a good chat with a German couple who couldn't understand what's happening in the US...they seemed quite educated and well informed but from their information they understood Trump will easily win re-election.

Back to our digs, 3 housing units together each owned by a different brother of the same family...really nice. We walked the Playa Larga - much nicer than Playa Giron that we saw on the way. Stopped for pina colatas natural (no alcohol). Later back to restaurant Jeni for another GREAT meal and great live Cuban music! Wish I could include the recording on this web site!

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