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Thai restaurant

Fishing boats in the morning

The dock

Graveyard from the air

Ebola warning

At the hotel

Departure day. We packed our bags and went to breakfast, then again loaded into the boat to cross the cove to get to Anakoa. It was dawn when we headed across. Again hundreds of sailed fishing boats filled the horizon – some close most, in groups, further out. A quite ride.

We landed at the dock and met our transport and headed to the airport. After a while we said goodbye to Bruno. Gave him a tip and my 18 – 200 lens as the new one is just fantastic! We stopped at a souvenir stand and got some more things, then through security. Kitty bought me a small metal mask which they would not allow through, so she took it back and got another!

Once in the waiting area the same clerk from inside opened a shop inside security (no metal masks), so we bought some more stuff. The plane boarded and there were no assigned seats, but we got some good ones as the plane wasn’t all that full.

The flight was uneventful until we got to claim our luggage – there were Ebola warnings on many of the walls. We met our transport and were taken to the Belvedere Hotel once again. James went off to another hotel and we made plans top meet up in two days to share a ride to the airport. Paul and Teresa were staying, but only until 11:00 PM as they had an early flight. We switched rooms as the hotel booked us a twin again.

After a bit we wandered down the street looking for an ATM and got some cash, then back. Later we went back out to a Thai restaurant for lunch – quite good! Then to a super market for some foods and back to the hotel.

We had dinner at the restaurant at the hotel, then off to the room for a bit of sleep.

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