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flower in Moldova

flower in Odessa

close up of above flower

Not to be identified but just to show that those stupid secretia...

Our group at the Mici winery after finishing off all the wine

Our group with Bonika, the drumming grandma

Our group at the Gagauzia sign

We were up at 3am, got washed and dressed and were in the lobby for our cab at 3:30.

The drive to the airport took half an hour; no problems. We got checked in, boarded our flight and left for Charles De Gaulle (Paris)close to on time.

When we arrived at CDG we had less than an hour to make our connection to MSP but were able to do so just fine. We had a delayed start of about 45 minutes but other than that, an uneventful flight back. I watched 3 movies: A Wrinkle in Time, The Shape of Water and an ancient Chinese one :)

We arrived in MSP a little behind schedule but since it was only 2pm there, it didn't matter. We got our shuttle to the hotel and promptly went to bed. It was wonderful to sleep on something other than the Soviet slabs!

It's hard to believe that the 2 weeks are over! We both really enjoyed the trip and our group. I didn't go into group dynamics that much this time--of course there were things that could have been added!-- mainly because it was too hard to keep up with the daily journaling. The only people that really caused any problems were Guermo and Patty, the couple from Chile. Guermo spoke some English but Patty didn't seem to speak much at all. They kept pretty much to themselves and Dris spent a fair amount of time translating for them but they either didn't understand instructions or decided not to follow them as they were always late, or in places they'd been told not to go or walking off on their own during a tour. It was a bit annoying. Other than that, we all got along fairly well. Bjorn (Germany), was a bit of a know-it-all and had an opinion on everything but as long as you didn't let it get to you, it was ok. Glen (Australia) and Jef got along great; he says he might just come and visit us so we'll see. Margaret (Australia) and I were usually bringing up the end of the walking tours that went on and on and on. Jef and I liked the size of the group (12) and Dris did a wonderful job of keeping us on schedule and getting us where we needed to be.

Some of our group photos are attached.

We learned a lot about these little visited countries and that was really interesting. All in all, a great trip!

PS for my sister eve: attached are pics of flowers none of us identified on the trip. Perhaps you can--it'll be a fun test for you :).

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