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Carpe Diem at Davila's

Brighton Indiana on IN 120

Many Indiana farmers use machinery

Welcome to Michigan—and construction...

Carpe Diem sports the flag on July Fourth

Even the Bears help celebrate Independence Day

Thu, 21 Jun: North to Michigan...

Today's drive took us from Howe Indiana to Saginaw Michigan. This is a drive we've made several times so it was all familiar. Most important, at the end of our drive we had hugs and warm welcomes waiting.

Bob pulled out of our site a bit after eleven and drove the short distance to the dump station. Sandi followed with the car. Bob handled the dump and Sandi hooking up the car. Things work so much smoother when we divide and share the labor. Once Carpe's tanks were dutifully dumped and rinsed, we did a brake and lite check on the car, and rolled wheels around 0945.

East on Indiana 120 toward the Interstate took us thru several small farming communities. As one would expect in northeast Indiana, the towns were meticulously maintained and were spotless. Despite the large Amish presence in this area, there are several "English" farms where mechanized equipment is used. We shared our drive with several such monsters.

At the interchange with I 69 we found an on ramp heading east and were soon moving along. In just a few miles we crossed into Michigan and were greeted with the obligatory "Welcome" sign, and a large number of orange warning signs advising of miles-long lane closure. At mile marker 68 we took advantage of a rest stop to warm up lunch and switch drivers.

Sandi took it from there, continuing east on I 69 thru Lansing and toward Flint. The traffic picked up as he neared the larger industrial city. We left the Interstate for Michigan 13, which we took north twenty-some miles toward Saginaw. Again, this is a nice road we've traveled many times in the past.

A bit before two we reached our destination, Domingo and Carmen Davila's lovely home. They have a very large lot with scads of room for their 40' Fleetwood, and our coach. And, this year they've upgraded to 50 ampere service!

We were greeted with open arms and warm hugs. We soon had Carpe tucked into her spot, plugged in, and ready to enjoy. We talked for what seemed to be hours but it was all too soon time for Domingo to head out for his weekly round of golf. Carmen also had places to be so we were left alone to get settled in.

Sunday, 01 Jul: Good times, Great friends...

It has been a busy time since we arrived. Our hosts, Carmen and Domingo Davila have been spoiling us. Their RV site has been upgraded and now offers 50 ampere electric service. More important, their generosity is really habit forming.

We've been busy visiting with the many folks we met during the six years we lived in the Tri-Cities area. They are too numerous to mention without omitting someone. Just want to know that we appreciate you taking time to visit with us.

We'll be celebrating Independence Day with the Davilas and their family. Bay City has one of the most extensive fireworks displays we've ever witnessed, but we really don't care to fight the traffic and crowding so we'll probably eschew seeing it live.

Today we drove to the nearby Pilot/Flying J to top up the diesel tank and, more importantly, empty our waste tanks. We haven't "dumped" since leaving Shipshewana on the twenty-first, so it's time. Due to a PFJ promotion at a long-ago rally we had a coupon good for a free dump. Happiness...

We're outta heah on Thursday—destination Iowa!

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