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Big Rock

Heading off this morning we travelled to Nanton first to the Lancaster Bomber Museum - a great place to visit and so much history. Some will remember the movie "The Dam Busters" when the alies trained for months to attack the German dams to cause havoc to their infrastructure, well it was the Lancaster Bombers who actually attacked the dams. Learning about what the women or the WAAF's did during the war was extremely insighfull - made me feel so proud of them!

We then travelled to Vulcan - Live Long and Prosper - yes the information centre is a space ship and full of everything Star Trek.

Then it was off to Okotoks to find the 'Big Rock' - well compared to some of our 'rocks' it's not that big, but it had a good indian story to it. So the story goes like this:

One hot summer day, Napi, the supernatural Trickster of the Blackfoot indians - sat upon the rock to rest. Because it was so hot, Napi threw his robe over the Rock saying "Here, I give you mu robe, because you are poor and have let me rest on you. Keep it always." Napi walked on, and it began to rain. Napi went back to the rock and asked it to lend him the robe, but the rock refused. Napi got angry and took "his" robe. As he walked away, he heard a loud noise - the Rock was chasing him!

Napi was scared and ran. His friends, the buffalo, the deer and the antelope - tried to stop the Rock, but were crushed. Nearly exhausted, Napi called upon some bats for help. The bats dove at the Rock and one hit it in the middle and split it in two.

This Blackfoot legend reveals not only how the Rock was split, but also why bats have 'squashed' faces. There is also a moral to the story: DON'T TAKE BACK WHAT YOU'VE GIVEN!

So looking forward to the Stampede over the next few days!!

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