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One last hike on th edelta

Heading back to shore

Our supplies

The Helicopter

The delta from above


Hippos hit the water

Birds flee termite mound island


Giraffes and Zebras - probably the same herd from yesterday

Cape Buffalo

Hippos in the water

Local village

The sturdy bridge

Hamerhead bird

Up around 6:30 and pack our bags then out for breakfast. Our last day on the delta. We all headed off on a nature walk through the fields and saw many animal tracks but few animals - a couple giraffes off in the distance. Lots of tracks and other signs, but no critters.

Back at the camp we had breakfast (omelets!) and finished packing, then we broke camp. The tens and the like stayed there to be broken down later but when we finished packing all our stuff was packed and gone.

Trip back to the dock was through even more reed s and the lead canoe came across a hippo - but mostly all went well.

We landed and unpacked the canoes and awaited a bit for the 4-wheeler then drove back out of the delta. there was some dispute over the tip we left, but it all worked out.

We drove a little way then stopped to meet the helicopter and took a ride over the delta and saw the critters from a completely different attitude. Buffalo and hippo and zebra and giraffe and warthogs. A very nice flight and some wonderful views of the delta, but over well too soon.

Then we drove the 45 minutes to the lodge where we’d stay the night and unpacked and dragged our stuff to a real hotel room! I forgot I had a blue backpack so was worried about our stuff until I remembered. In any event we unpacked, ten packed up our rooms.

Kitty and the rest headed off to send the other folks on an airplane overfly of the delta and I stayed back to do college email, work and have a rum or three, after a number of emails with Alice about the house.

They got back late as they had been shopping and Kitty bought me an African shirt. We headed off to a buffet dinner and the chef came out to welcome us then the food wasn’t all that good. We sat around a bit then headed off to bed.

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