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CA Redwood

St. George Reef Lighthouse

Delphenium Wildflower

Howland Hill Jeep Road

We are camped at Grants Pass, OR, but today we drove into Northern California in search of the Pacific Ocean and the California Giant Red Wood trees.

Our first stop was Point St. George which gave us a great first view of the Pacific Ocean. There stands Castle Island Preserve, one of the most important California Sea Bird Rookeries on the CA coast. It is home to rare Tufted Puffins, CA sea lions, Rhinoceros Auklets, and Aleutian Cackling Goose, which is a Pacific Rim Subspecies of the Canada Goose, and is recovering from almost being extinct. We took great delight in watching the sea lions and sea otters sun themselves on the rocks and play in the waves. You could hear them calling to each other as the waves rush to shore

Not far from there we saw the St.George Reef Lighthouse. It is located just outside of Crescent City, CA on the St. George Point.

We drove the part of the Pacific Coast Highway, US 101 to see the spectacular Red Woods. On the way we saw a wonderful array of wildflowers growing along side the road and in the fields along the way, including CA poppies, Delphiniums, Queen Anne Lace, huge Rhododendron, and many others that I cannot identify. We also saw a small herd of cow Elk resting in a glen near the road.

We went to Orick, CA, elevation 26' before heading to the Lady Bird Johnson Grove of Red Woods. Some of these trees are 2,000 years old and stand 300' tall. Growing along side them are beautiful Rhododendron and huge ferns. This place is stunning, peaceful, quiet and up-lifting. It is an example of Mother Nature at her very best.

We drove to the Jedediah Smith State Park and took a narrow, crooked dirt road that seemed to be made for Jeeps. This took us right up to the Big Trees. You could open the car window and actually touch them. This trail, which is named the Howland Hill Road, was about 10 miles long. It was awe-inspiring and we did not want to leave this area. But, it was time to start back to Grants Pass, which by this time was over 150 miles away.

It has been a spectacular day, as I hope you can see from some of Lynd's pictures. He made a couple of movies that I hope you can see after we return home. They give a better sense of how it really felt to be there. Still pictures just cannot make it feel as real.

I hope each of you is having a good week. Take care and stay healthy.


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