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Staying only one night in Kampot, we waste no time when we arrive. We check into our hotel, hand over our laundry, book a taxi for the afternoon, arrange a sunset cruise for the evening, and organise a bus to take us to Siem Reap the following day. We chuck our belongings in our room and head out to explore.

Our taxi driver takes us up into the mountains of Bokor National Park. We climb further on foot until we are high enough to look down into the clouds. It feels like being stood on top of the world. Breathtaking! We walk through the remains of an abandoned church and casino. Once a site of much action during the Cambodian War, they are now left derelict. Climbing the stairs and investigating each room is oddly reminiscent of playing a video game.

We return to our hotel with just enough time to liberally apply insect repellent before we are off out again. We take a boat along the river and watch the sunset from the water. As the skies darken, we see fireflies twinkling in the trees. Fruit bats fly over head and silver fish jump from the water. When we finally return to our room, I am exhausted but smiling. Even the cockroach I find in my rucksack doesn't break my mood.

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