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gleaming stainless steel

cooking salmon

Executive Chef

making sandwiches

one of 3 ovens baking bread

We did a walk through tour of the kitchen today to get a glimpse of the behind the scenes activity that goes into all of the food that is prepared and served on board. Many of you who have cruised have had experience with the massive amounts of food available at all hours of the day-but just for a glimpse at what is consumed on average EACH WEEK

12,500 lbs of meat and meat products

5,000 lbs of poultry

2,500 lbs of fish

12,000 lbs of fresh vegetables

5,000 lbs of potatoes

20,000 individual packets of sugar

3,500 lbs of rice for the crew

200 gallons of ice cream

40,000 eggs

plus much more..

The kitchen staff has 67 employees from 1 Executive chef to 9 demi chefs and 18 assistant cooks.

I would have dallied in the pastry area, it smelled fantastic. The 5 pastry chefs prepare 120 loaves of bread, 4000 dinner rolls, 800 croissants and 800 sweet rolls every day in addition to cookies, pies, chocolates, petit fours etc.They do not bake the hamburger buns or the frankfurter rolls as they cannot handle the volume.

Much of the preparation happens on A and B decks along with food storage. There are 3 refrigerators, 4 freezers, 3 thawing rooms a 5 dry storage rooms. In addition the butcher shop and vegetable preparation rooms are on these decks to keep the garbage out of the kitchen. The Filipino and Indonesian crew members eat their food prepared by 2 Indonesian chefs and 1 Filipino Chef.

The cruise line is dedicated to environmental awareness and has established extensive procedures to protect the environment. They mulch the biodegradable food and then dehydrate it to be incinerate it or discharge it overboard. Plastics and non-burnable garbage is collected and compacted for disposal in port, glass and aluminum are crushed and turned into bricks for recycling. The entire process is a bit amazing.

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