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Cannon Beach Bible Church

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach with Haystack Rock

Haystack Rock

Haystack Rock

Birds on a Rock

Rocks at Cannon Beach

Christine and rock at Cannon Beach

Christine Picking Shells at Cannon Beach

We had a leisurely breakfast then drove to a nearby Church. Instead of using our instinct we entered the address in the GPS and it kept directing us the road which the Church was on where it would have intersected the highway - but it did not! There was a grass swale between the end of the road, which became the Church's parking lot, and the highway. We retraced our steps and found the correct access. We would have been quicker walking from the campground. We were still there before the service started.

It is a very small Church and there were only 17 of us in attendance. Apparently their evening service is Hispanic and they get about 80 to it. We chatted with some of the other attendees before returning to the campsite and having lunch.

We set off for the beach, driving south beyond Cannon Beach's signature emblem - Haystack Rock. We parked and went on to the beach and walked along to the Rock. The beach is wide with soft sand. There were quits a lot of people walking on it, and some brave souls had set up chairs and towels, but it was on the cool side, especially when walking north into the wind. We looked out a rock which seemed to have something built on it, but with the binoculars we realized it was birds, but we were unable to determine the type. Looking at the photos later, it seems they were a mixture of pelicans and cormorants as well as some we still could not identify.

We walked back, with Christine lagging behind searching for unusual pebbles and shells. We returned to the point where we had accessed the beach and started to pack our things and clean the sand off our feet. I realized I must have dropped one of the lens caps from the binoculars. Christine looked at the matching one and said she was sure she had seen it on the beach. She wanted to go and look for it. I tried to dissuade her, as the beach is wide and long and it could be anywhere. Undeterred, she set off and, as I watched her, she walked right back over 200 metres to where she had seen it and brought it back. How she was able to pinpoint the exact spot, I do not know.

We drove back to Cannon Beach, through the town and back to the road to the campground. We have a document that needs to be signed and faxed or emailed back to our travel agent. It was emailed to us, so we do not have a hard copy to sign. We lack printing and scanning facilities in the trailer. We had seen a copy shop the other day and wondered if they could help, so we stopped there, but found it closed. There was a sign in the window, more or less as follows:

Hours of Operation:

We are open most days

From about 9 or 10

But sometimes not till 11 or 12

Sometimes as early as 7.

We close between 5 and 6

But you may find us here at 11

Sometimes we will close at 4

Or even earlier.

In other words, you have no idea when they will be open! We will try our luck tomorrow.

We returned to the campground and prepared dinner. Afterwards I sorted out the photos and Christine knitted while we watched television.

Tomorrow we need to replenish our groceries and see et last few things around here before we leave on Tuesday

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