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Carpe Diem at Eddie's Truck Center
We'll spend the nite boondocking here

Which way, which way???

John Deere combine passes us on I 84
We saw these being built...

Welcome to Oregon

Just west of the state line we leave I 84

A chain-up area on US 20 is the perfect lunch spot
A real...

US 20 in eastern Oregon crosses some mountains

We climbed to 4,848' today

East of Burns on US 20 we start to see pine trees

Downtown Burns Oregon

Carpe can get lost in Eddie's large lot

05 May: Another road day...

Today was another day on the road. We're currently in "Point A to Point B" mode and we've elected to take three days to cover the 650 miles between Odgen Utah and Bend Oregon. Yesterday and today were 250 mile days so tomorrow should be an easy 150. We like easy!

We had a remarkably restful nite at the Mountain Home Idaho Wal*Mart. We were far enough from the store so we got very little store traffic. We were in an area that forms up van pools, so around six we heard some car doors closing. But by six we were mostly awake, so "no worries".

Despite our early wakeup we took our time and didn't get ready to roll until almost nine. Sandi decided to make omelets, and Bob never objects to them. Once everything got put away we rolled wheels at 0855. We were only a few blocks south of I 84 so in no time we were on the road heading west.

Once on the interstate we noticed a very strong quartering headwind that kept Sandi busy at the wheel. The interstate was not too crowded until we reached Boise. There the road was four lanes in each direction and all the lanes were busy. Some construction didn't make things any easier. But, slow and steady does the trick and we had no problems getting thru town.

We crossed into Oregon at the town of Ontario and made a brief stop at the welcome center. Alas, it doesn't open till mid May so we couldn't get a new state map or any visitor information about the Newport area. We'll get it when we get there.

In Ontario we departed the interstate and picked up US 20 west. US 20 is a nice Federal highway that cuts through Central Oregon. Very shortly after getting on US 20 Sandi saw a closed truck scale and pulled in with the thought of changing drivers. We noticed that, despite being closed, the scale was still turned on. So, we drove Carpe over the scales and got a free weigh. Happily we are comfortably below our maximum weight limit.

A few miles farther along US 20 Bob pulled into a chain-up area. Chain-up areas are used when the weather is bad to install chains on your vehicle. The weather was fine but the nice wide area was perfect for us to break for lunch. Some quick microwaving and we had leftovers "supreme". What "road food" we enjoy.

As Bob continued west US 20 started to climb. The mountains in eastern Oregon are lovely and the drive thru them was very impressive. We ultimately climbed to 4,848' before descending onto a plateau on which we'll be till we descend to Bend.

We drove thru the small town of Burns and then a few more miles to Hines, our current location. We topped up Carpe's tank and received permission to overnite in the truck stop's large lot. This'll be another boondock nite and it should be interesting as the forecast is for an overmite low in the high twenties. Break out the comforter...

Today's drive was 232 miles with a headwind/mountain climbing fuel economy of 7¼ mpg.

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