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We had breakfast at the hotel and then hit the road. It was a very stress less drive because we followed a route that skirted all the big cities like Palm springs, la, and Bakersfield. The scenery was again very nice and we saw everything from the rock mnts to green covered rolling hills, and closer to our night stop of Paso Robles there were grain fields, orchards and of course vineyards. We are in an area very well known for its grapes and wine making. Fuel is higher in ca, filled up at 2.21. We got the room early and are staying at Adelaide Inn for 89/night. We went for a walk around the neighbourhood and there is a car wash a block away, so while he took the srx to get washed I did some laundry. The first time I washed clothes outside. There were the normal washer and dryer but just under a roof but no walls. We must have od on crowds yesterday because Dale walked a block in another direction and bought a pizza and brought it back to the room. We will have our fill of crowds tomorrow if our plans work out.

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