Yesterday was moving day from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Tulsa, Oklahoma a distance of about 90 miles. The weather was clear but the sky was loaded with billowy cumulus clouds and there was a strong wind from the southeast. The weather forecast was predicting some severe weather west of Oklahoma City with possible thunderstorms through the late afternoon into the early morning hours of Sunday.

The most direct route from Oklahoma City to Tulsa is via I 44 which is a toll road. The toll booth is about 50 miles from Oklahoma City heading to Tulsa although there are numerous exits along the way where users of the highway pay their toll for the portion of the road they used. The toll for the motorhome and truck was $9.75.

Toll roads are irritating but unlike some of the toll roads traversed on the East Coast States and the Central States the road was in very good condition and seemed to be very well maintained. The road conditions changed approaching and within Tulsa but there is a good deal of work being done within the town of Tulsa to improve those roads.

The scenry between Oklahoma City and Tulsa is rolling hills with open fields of trees and farms. The soil is a rust colored soil and ponds along the way all look like they are filled with a very red tinted muddy water.

Tulsa is located in what the brochures call Indian Territory with a number different tribes and reservations surrounding Tulsa. The campground is an older campground and the spaces are set close together. The campground is very clean and well maintained with 30/50 amp electrical service, water, sewer, cable, and free WIFI.

Ross noticed a pickup truck in the campground with a license plated of an Indian Nation. He did not know that reservations apparently can issue their own vehicle license plates.

Today is warm with humidity around 50% with the temperatures in the low-80's. As with yesterday the sky is filled with cumulus clouds and the wind are strong out of the southwest. The forecast again contains the chances of severe weather with thunderstorms and possible damaging hail and wind.

Ross and Marge were told by campground personal there is a good restaurant in Tulsa called the Alley so they called and were able to get a reservation for 1300. They were hoping to have an early dinner rather than a brunch but after being seated they were informed that the restaurant was not serving dinner items until after 1700 and so it was brunch. The food was good but they were disappointed that they were unable to have a dinner selection. It will be salad this evening in the motorhome.

Tomorrow is another moving day and they will travel from Tulsa to Miami, Oklahoma where they will spend two nights and will tour the Newell Motorhome manufacturing plant. Newell is a very expensive motorhome and not one that they will ever purchase but Ross has read several articles about the Newell and would like to see how they are assembled and compare the Newell building process to Tiffin’s process and those of the other motorhome manufactures that he has visited. Once they leave Miami on Wednesday morning they hope to spend two days in St. Louis, Missouri and visit the Arch. After leaving St. Louis they plan on making fast tracks to Grand Rapids to be there on or before May 20.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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