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A glimpse into the canyon



The Cruz del Condor

We're there early to stake out a spot

We beat the vendors

First condor ...

...and they just kept coming!



Beautiful fliers

Not so beautiful up close!






Soaring over the tourists






A long way down

After the show


One last condor


Kevin is inspired

Ann and condor

A short walk along the canyon









The drive back - Wow!



Back at Colca Lodge


Barbeque by the river

Our amazing chef





A relaxing afternoon







Giant Colibri

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The Colca Lodge

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Andean Condors

The Colca Canyon is the deepest canyon in the world. At 13,650' deep, it is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. In some ways it isn't as impressive as the Grand Canyon because the canyon walls are not as steep. But it in other ways it is more impressive because people actually live in this canyon and the terraces make it really beautiful. The other impressive thing is that Andean Condors make their home in the cliffs of the canyon and each day, they catch the thermals and spiral up through the canyon and out the top to search for food, anything dead will do because they are a type of vulture and therefore scavengers. Good thing because they would be pretty scary if they actually hunted. They have the largest wingspan of any bird (11 feet!) and are really quite ugly. But when they fly they are incredibly graceful and it is an amazing spectacle to watch. The Cruz del Condor is a spot along the Colca Canyon where you're pretty much guaranteed to see condors, they make an appearance like clockwork each morning and the location has turned into one of the main tourist sites in Peru. The number of condors that appear varies with the time of the year and we were really lucky, we saw about 20 of them and they were soaring within 10 feet above and beside us, an amazing site. We watched them until they all soared off into the distance and then went for a short walk along the canyon rim. We also saw some Giant Colibri, the largest bird in the hummingbird family. Then Julio picked us up and we went back to the Colca Lodge for an afternoon of relaxation and spa treatments, followed by an incredible meal. A prefect ending to a perfect day!

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