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View of my room!

The ole king size bed!!! Nice!

View from balcony!!!

I think there was some first class availability , wouldn't you say??

Paola the fine young lady at the desk!

Best I could with the Statue of David... Replica!

Another glass of champagne,,,then off to Florence for a day trip for Molly, Sandra and to perugia...yes Jen, the "p" chocolate u were talking about! Train ticket in hand (always first class on the regional ones!!)!!!!... Longer, but nice ride...acres of flowers, lakes, and old men working their farms(could this be why they live so long?? Lol!) arrived in Perugia, in the drizzle , with no where to go! Googled a few places on the train, and actually ended up at the one I liked the best! Hotel Europa /Alla Residenze....a bed and breakfast, balcony overlooking the city center, king bed, gourmet breakfast, and, room service!  All this and more, for 40 euro per nite! Oh yeah!!! I took the escalator up to the city of the mountain, (they had one in Siena, too!!)...and you experience another if you are in one huge castle.... Actually the Rocca Paolina encompassed the houses, towers and streets of this district.VERY narrow cobblestone streets, each road off the main street leads to a bar/restaurant/shop....dim neon lights and in th rain, gives you a "dungeon" kind of feeling. Of course, because of the drizzle and rain, I hit my infamous super mercado for : sundried tomotes, eggplant, a ball of spinach, artichoke and bread! Lest we not forget vino rosso and water!! Walking home, I ended up getting very lost as there are many of these escalators around! I took a wrong turn  (mind you, when this happens...your downhill mistake can make a helluva uphill trek in these parts!!).... Fate would have it...."scusi sir, englis?".....a nice looking guy with smiling eyes! In perfect English, he walked with me for about 30 min and got me turned around... Normally I pay attention to my landmarks....I guess the awe, the rain, and my little damn umbrella got in the way of my focus! Oh well! Paola was very nice, he does research for a pharmaceutical technology company!....probably too young ;)... But we will probably hook up for lunch after I discover the outdoor market at the very top of this mountain city!!  Prepared my delicious sandwich, stocked my little refrigerator, skyped with my beautiful mom and steve.....and am noe snuggled in for the night! Buona notte!!

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