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Inside the Gift Shop

Gift Shop

Divine Mercy Fountain

St. Michael the Archangel

Mount Calvary

The Cross

Another View of the Cross

The Last Supper

The Last Supper

The Last Supper

Another view of the cross

The Unrepentant Sinner

Christ on the Cross

The Repentent Sinner

Christ's tomb


Lee heading into the tomb

Angel in the tomb

1st Station of the Cross

2nd Station of the Cross

3rd Station of the Cross





Mount Calvary

Friends of our told us about Cross Ministries in Groom, Texas so we decided to visit before we went on to Kansas. You can see the white cross for miles along the Interstate 40. Our first stop were the rest rooms which we located in the Gift Shop so we took a look around the gift shop before heading outside. We kind of hated to go outside because it was really warm today. I think it was in the 90's.

The 190' white cross stands in the middle of a large concrete circle outlined in brick. There are bronze almost life-sized sculptures of the Stations of the Cross encircling the cross and brick spokes (walkways) from each Station to the cross. More than 100 welders put together the large cross in Pampa, Texas and it was erected in July, 1995. The sculptures of the stations of the cross were done by Mickey Wells.

There is another building on the site with a movie and replica of the Shroud of Turin. The pictures in that building did not turn out well though.

We might have spent more time here but the sun was just beating down on us and there is very little shade. The only place to get cool is in the Gift Shop! So, if you are going in the summer, try to pick a cool day. Hopefully, they will add some landscaping in the future as it would be a blessed relief in weather like today!

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