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April 6, 2011: We are home, parked in the driveway in Princeton. We didn't plan to come home for another day, but the RV park we were going to stay at Prairie Island Campground n Winona, Minnesota was completely flooded by the rising Mississippi River. And, a couple others we stopped at were not yet open for the season.

(Here's a hint for the Pioneer Campsite Resort in Wabasha, Minnesota, how about hanging a "Closed for the season" sign under your big sign near the highway just like the one that is hanging in front of your park 4 miles away. You owe me a gallon of gas and 20 minutes of time.)

I drove into the RV park in Lake City, and saw the hand-lettered magic marker sign in the office window,"Closed for the season". The camp was full of permanently parked travel trailers and 5th wheelers. No people anywhere, just empty RV's waiting for warmer weather. Spooky.

So, with my dauber down, I turned to Hazel and said, "Let's go home", and set the GPS. Lola, the lady inside the device, guided us the 120 miles north and through Twin City early evening traffic to Princeton.

Our son Jim had been house-sitting, and the two pomeranians almost wagged and smiled themselves to death when they saw us. Someone once told me that, when you go away and leave your dog, he assumes he'll never see you again, so when he does, it is like you came back from the dead.

The two cats couldn't have cared less.

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