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Shirley and Susan

Honkin' Dually, Camper, Izzy & me

In my poncho

The birthing 1

The birthing 2

The birthing 3

The birthing 4

Full term and not even wet!

Woke this morning after a big rain Sunday night. Broke camp and went 7.5 miles to see Susan Huddleson (who is a real Saint). Susan was in our wedding almost 38 years ago. We went to a great place for brunch and reminisced. It was a VERY nice time. We left Susan's house and took a drive to Clearwater Beach which is really nice and a place we might want to vacation. We then drove over the causeway to our camp tonight in Dover Fl(5 miles from our nephew and niece's) Tim and Lisa's house who we are visiting tomorrow. It has rained and rained and rained today! BUT we are not in a tent. We are high and dry and loving the sound of the rain on our camper. Had a nice spaghetti dinner and will be watching Touched by an Angle DVDs in a bit. Our truck and camper are really tres versatile as you will see in the is Shirley.

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