Life At The Tico Lodge! travel blog

Morning light at the Tico Lodge!

This is a lesson in chillin Costa Rican style!

Rox's dust bowl road!

The most beer sold in the area!


Brad is hurting here! Hot , hot , hot!

Rox played it safe!

Plablto's man!

Papaya's on the tree, cost me 2 bucks each. hmm

500 colonies is 1 U.S. dollar.



Eguana at the pool.

For Clint.

Local worker with cell phone in ear. Just like home!

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Here she is !

(MP4 - 2.50 MB)

At the beach bar. Came down the tree for the pic.

(MP4 - 3.99 MB)

About 2 feet from Rox's feet!! LOL

Yesterday was so hot that we both laid down at 3pm and had a 45 min nap. Got up grabbed a beer and jumped in the pool. Next we walked up the beach and turned off down a dirt road just about 1 km out of town. Here we found the famous Pablito's bar. They sell the most amount of beer in the whole area. Beer cost 2 bucks but every beer comes with a dish of rice, beans and some meat. They also have a very, very hot sauce that you can put on your rice. I had a spoon full and quickly needed one more beer. Rox played it smart and just dipped her fork in it. She was saved! After the beer we walked down the dirt road, Rox called it the dust bowl and sail she was going to kill me later. Down the road we found the local Tico sodas *Rest* and the price of the food is half what it is in Samara town. Very cool we are going there for lunch today. After lunch we walked the beach then home for shower and beer then off to the beach bar with live music. Very good band and its live under the stars with warm wind and palms trees included. Oh ya, saw a huge group of monkeys at the beach bar and as I was filming one baby came right down to show off for the camera. Everyday we are still starting off with ice cold coconuts and banana's for breakfast!! Brad.

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