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Elaine in Livingston

Cory riding a Guatemalan truck

the soldiers waving their swords

Jesus's funeral procession

The virgin Mary

Even the children get involved in the procession

more of the floats

ummm this is good . . . . . .I wonder if...

the full moon and the hut at the end of the dock

After spending a quiet night in Punta Gorda, we awoke early Friday morning, April 10. It was Good Friday, and we were to catch the boat to Livingston, Guatemala at 9. Cory and Elaine went downstairs to get their laundry. Once again, one of the maids agreed to do it.

For the second time, on their vacation, they experienced the results of bleach on their laundry. The first time it was a piece of clothing that nobody would see, so not really a big deal, but this time, Cory’s Columbia Khaki Man Shirt, now changed his name to bleached Khaki Man. Also his blue shirt, suffered. Alas, what could one do, I figured it just made them look like more seasoned travellers.

We arrived to purchase our tickets to Livingston, only one boat was going today because of the holiday, and the captain made the decision that he would leave at 1 p.m., to give him the opportunity to sell more tickets. So we hurried up and waited.

The 45 minute boat trip was quite uneventful, other than a few occasions where the captain manouvered the boat to allow the splash to cool off the passengers. It was quite refreshing, as it was once again a hot sunny day.

We arrived in Livingston, to discover the hostel that had been contacted, couldn’t hold our room any longer, but could offer hammocks. We politely declined and found another place right on the water. While we were eating lunch who should we see at the next table but Bjork, at least we thought it was her. After much debate and decision we spotted a tattoo on the left arm. Thanks to the internet, one just has to google Bjork tattoo. And yes, it was Bjork on a vacation in Guatemala. Fiona, bumped into her coming out of the washroom, and said “you’re Bjork aren’t you?” She said “not today”, but was quite friendly.

We headed down to Livingston, as word was there was a huge gathering of the Garafuni people celebrating Semana Santa. Along the main street of the town, it was easy to spot the remains of the flower procession, that we had missed that morning. Not to be disheartened, we received word that around 5 pm Jesus’ funeral procession would begin. At least we would be able to see something of the Latin American celebrations that we had been hearing about all week. This procession was quite colourful, with a number of floats. In this part of the world Jesus is dark complexioned. Jesus lead the way, followed by the virgin Mary, then four others that confused us. We asked one of the locals who told us it was Juan, Pedro, Veronica and Mary Magdalene. Translation: John, Peter, and the others are self-explanatory. However we are still confused over who Veronica is.

After the procession, we went for a bite to eat, and made plans to head to Antigua, the next morning, so that we would be there for Easter Sunday. Elaine and Fiona had Garafuni soup, called tapado, which is a seafood soup in a coconut milk. Cory had chicken curry.

I really tried to get a good night sleep, however, with Elaine getting up every two hours, to make her way to the shared bathroom, it was not easy. Now you have to picture the place we were staying. Surrounding a little garden courtyard, were little cabanas, with nothing in them other than beds. The thatched roofs did not make them soundproof, and Elaine has never learned to be silent when she is ill. The next morning the owner of the place, who lives above the office which is separate from the cabana area, mentioned that he had woke up when he heard her. Cory and Fiona, also needed to spend time in the washroom, and weren’t sure Elaine wasn’t the lucky one, because she had been able to throw up. Suffice to say, there was to be no travelling today. Fortunately Canada Dry Ginger Ale and Gatorade are available in Livingston. Today became a day of recuperation. As much as I have brought Elaine and Cory along on this trip to pack my things, and take my photograph, I have to admit to feeling a twinge of guilt, as I have watched them loaded down with their backpacks. They do seem to be getting into a routine, and figuring things out. However, when I spotted a backpack at one of the market stalls, I had no choice but to get it. At least this way, I can now feel that I am contributing a little, and carrying my own weight.

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