Rikke and Moch in Africa travel blog


YES a real bed


Maciej wondering about red coffee beans

Crowded mimi bus - 5 on each row

Getting directed

Maciej's companion in the bus

So small next to this thing


Maciej changed this monster for hours :)




Jeff and the crod


2 at once

At the loo

Hoooow cute



Getting ready to have his penis cut


Maciej getting involved!

Mona byuing mandazi

OK, maybe not super romantic since we were 6 people. But still. Living in a tent for a couple of weeks sure drove me nuts, so I am SUPER happy top have spend some days in a real bed.

The areas was beautiful and a refreshing and needed change in our life. Maciej partly managed to annoy the shit out of me during the last few weeks, since he didn’t have enough to do and had a “bit” of extra energy bundled up somewhere inside. SO he jumped into some waterfalls and explored a few others, being all hyper from this great experience. And for me waterfalls are the coolest thing nature ever created, so I need not say how great the trip was.

We also came across a circumcision. We didn’t wanna watch!! but somehow got involved in some dancing and singing for a young man around 16 who was about to become a man. They partied for a full day and night and in the early morning – passing out from alcohol – he became a man. The tradition says that he has to stay in bed for 3 days (we think it is because of hangovers though).

I am sure Maciej has a lot to say about our ridiculous ride home which involved a lot of waiting (fx we ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere) and being crammed on top of each other. Ask him and he ll be happy to write you guys pages.

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