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At Bottom of Black Canyon of the Gunnison

View from Bottom of Canyon - See 16% grade road to get...

Gunnison River Fishing Spot - Only Brown Trout can be taken home...

Kathleen Along the Gunnison River

View of 2000' Canyon Cliffs

Keen Shoed Shoes on 2-Billion Year Old Stone

Another View of River

Dam on River that Supplies Irrigation Water Through a 6-mile Tunnel to...

View From Top of South Rim Down 2000' to Gunnison River

View Across Canyon

View of Canyon Wall with Serpent and Dragon Shapes - Molten rock...

View of Distant Snow Covered Mountain Top

Monday - Start of Trek to Box Canyon Falls

Canyon Was Windy and Cold - Steel steps took us down to...

Falls Is Within Cliff

Another View of Falls

Stream Downstream from Falls

View from Canyon

Another View

View of Ouray Through Trail Shelter

View From Across Bridge Above Falls

Kathleen Warming in the Sun

View Down Canyon to Where Water Enters Hole Above Falls

View of Mountain Top

Unusual Rock Formation - Lower rock layers are vertical and upper are...

View of Mountains Surrounding Ouray

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View of Gunnison River at Base of 2000' Deep Black Canyon

October 12 and 13

We visited Black Canyon of The Gunnision NP yesterday, Sunday, morning to walk along the Gunnison River at the bottom of the canyon. We shared the walk with several fly fisherman who were seeking trout. We spotted a 1’ Rainbow Trout and told a fisherman but the fish was not interested.

We then climbed the 16% grade road out of the canyon and drove along the south rim and stopped at several lookouts.

This morning we traveled west 40 miles to Ouray, CO, the Switzerland of the US with high mountains on three sides. We visited the 285’ Box Canyon Falls which falls within a cliff.

Link to Ouray, CO Information Site

Link to Ouray, CO History Information Site

Link to Ouray, CO Uncompahgre Gorge Information Site

Tomorrow, Tuesday, we travel further east and over our next to last mountain pass, Monarch Pass at 11,300’, to our next to last (for this trip) national park, Great Sand Dunes NP.

It was 30F this morning with icicles hanging from our dripping outside water faucet. Tomorrow, it is to be in the mid-20sF so we will need to disconnect our water hose and drain it and reconnect it tomorrow morning.

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