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Our hotel in Sanur..our view from Breakfast table

Jimbaran Bay, our table on the beach

Sun beginning to set

Our HUGE cocktails in real coconuts

Paris & Nicky Hilton

Another one of the sunset

Im smiling as this is before i sent Emma to order the...

Candlelight supper

Jimbaran Bay by night..

Our new hotel in Ubud

Happy Birthday Emma and Welcome to Ubud

Our posh bungalow that costs 20 pound a night


Princess Emma

Eating our special free dinner

We had the whole restaurant to ourselves

Sleeping beauty


where to begin....

The morning...using this term very lightly as it was in fact the middle of the night pretending to be morning..we left Auckland we arrived at the airport at about 5am and decided to get our luggage wrapped in plastic before checking them in -this was to prevent anyone from hiding drugs in our bags once we got to Bali...feeling very pleasd with ourselves we boarded the plane relaxed in the knowledge that our bags were safe from being tampered with...BIG MISTAKE!!!!

After about 15hrs of getting on and off (at the last count) a million planes we finally arrived in beautiful Bali...going through customs was a breeze (unlike other countries i dont want to mention!) and whne we got to where the luggage carousels there were these men playing indonesian music whilst we waited for our bags to come off the plane...and we waited...and we waited...getting slightly panicked we started looking around making sure we had the right carousel...came back to our original one to find that there were no more people looking for their luggage and no more luggage coming round the carousel!!! Bugger!!!! Jumping at the sound of a very offical scary looking man saying 'Miss Savery' we held up our hand and confused that yes, this was us...and all he said was 'follow me'...i simply though fantastic i escape a near death experience only to find that i'll be spending the rest of my life in some Bali prison...very Bridget Jones!!!! As it turns out, instead of leading us inot a small room to question us, he infact led us to the 'lost and found' desk, where a very smily man proceeds to tell us that the plastic in which we so 'cleverly' wrapped our luggage in actually got caught in the conveyer belt at Sydney airport causing chaos for the baggage handlers at the airport and meanign that we were stuck in Bali wearing all we had on, which amounted to everything we couldnt fit in our jeans, trainers, jumpers...i even had my big winter coat with me...and its around 40 degrees!!!!! Just the sort of clothes you need dont you think?!!! And just as we thought things couldnt get any worse, we realised we had no address for this guy to send our luggage too once it was forwarded to Bali!!!!! Rushing to an extremely helpful woman at the accommodation services desk she managed to book us in to a gorgeous hotel...and we even got her to haggle the price down to 8 pounds per night including breakfast...incuding airport transfer -which, it turns out, was a godsend because the mintue we walked out of the airport to wait for our transfer we were mobbed by men asking us if we needed transport...and even after we'd said we already had arranged something we were still hassled -and after having no sleep, feeling dirty, boiling hot and knowing we had nothing to change into, i do have to admit that i wasnt all that friendly to these guys!!!

Thankfully when we got to our hotel we were able to really relax -the staff were fantastic and we got into our room -which was freezing thanks to the airconditioning -and crahsed out until the next day!!!!

Next morning we woke up feeling much better until we realised we had nothing to wear down to breakfast...sweltering in our jeans we had a lovely breakfast and then practically ran to the markets and vikki picked herself up a bargin bikini and we both bought a sarong - so bloody cheap but with lots of hassle many people trying to sell you stuff you really dont want...

Got back to the hotel and we spent the day swimming in the pool (me in my underwear -not even matching!) and sunbathing...when we got back to our room we decided to order room service as we still didnt have our bags and had nothing to put on...and by the time we'd finished our food and were just in the middle of a movie...a knock at the door and there were our rucksacks!!!! I've never been so pleased to see something in my life!!!

The next few days were spent soaking up the sun and eating out in the evening we got picked up from our hotel to go to Jymbaryn Bay, where we dinedon the beach overlooking the sunset -would have been so romantic if onl i'd have been with a gorgeous bloke...but i had to put up with vikki!!! We drank cocktails out of giant coconuts and then vikki sent me up to order dinner, which was basically a fish market where they grabbed live seafood out of this huge tank and swinging snapping crabs and lobster in your face until you got all flustered and ordered before i carry on i have to defend myself here and say that its very difficult to work out the money over here as there are so many noughts on the bank 40 quid is 5'000'000 r/ hopefully you'll be able to understand when i say that when i went to order our food...Lobster....i thought i was getting a very good deal for 6quid then i ordered some calamari, some snapper, rice, vegetables and chips. Got back to the table feeling very pleased with myself...and although we were slightly embarrassed when the food actually arrived (there was somuch of it, we could hardly get it all on our table, we had a lovely meal listening to the waves and watching the sun go down...when we decided that it was timefor us to go back to our hotel we asked for the bill and for trasport back...then the disaster happened vikki realised that instead of what i thought was going to be 6 pounds it was infact 60 pounds...basically an entire weeks worth of accommodation in our 5 star hotel that we're in...we really thought we were Paris and Nicky Hilton!!!!!!!

Next morning -MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! -we travelled on a tiny bus (think Kathleen Turner in Romancing the Stone!!!) to Ubud...cultural capital of Bali...we arrived at our hotel to a fantastic welcome of fresh flower garlands and fruit punch!!! I explained that it was my birthday and everyone wished me a happy birthday and then they took us to our the photos show it was absolutely gorgeous...after dropping off our bags we headed to the spa, where we'd booked in for over 5 hours of treatments including a deep tissue body massage (ouch!), body scrub and petal filled bath, facials and head massage...all in all not a bad way to spend your birthday!!! Feeling completely relaxed (and i have to admit a little sore!) we headed back to our room and got dressed for dinner at the hotels restaurant. As soon as we arrived we were greeted by all of the staff as 'miss vikki and miss emma' and everyone said happy birthday to me again...and when we were seated, the chef came over and said that for my birthday he'd prepared a special 3 course meal for us and that it was apresent from the hotel to me - i couldn't believe it..this meal was some of the best food i've ever tasted and it was all for free!!!!! And tonight the same guy is teaching us to cook similar food!!! (Really hope it turns out ok, coz whatever you cook, you have to eat!!!!!)

Well that's all folks!!!!

Hope everyone is well...and still reading this as it was quite a long entry!!!!

See you all soon

Miss Emma and Miss Vikki xxx aka The Paris and Nicky Hilton of Bali

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