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A view of one of the many casinos in Niagara

How Unique - A view of Niagara Falls from the 'Falls View...

Hi Everyone.

What a busy day today. Scott, Angela, Anika, Brody, the dog Oliver, Peter and I piled into their Caravan early in the morning for our trip to Burlington Ontario. It only took us about 3 hours to get there. Once there we all had a really nice lunch at my dad and Andrée's. The kids decided to leave early - they wanted to get home again before dark. It was just as hard to say bye to Angela as it was to say bye to Tanya 2 weeks earlier. It is great visiting the girls, but very hard to leave again!

Later in the day my dad informs us that they have dinner reservations - so the four of us get into the car and we drive an hour to Niagara Falls! What a surprise! We spend the afternoon viewing the falls and then we went into the Falls View Casino where Peter & I actually played the slots! Our first time - we spent and lost a whole $10.00 between the two of us - I know we are quite the gamblers! We had a good time - but is sure gets noisy in the casinos!

Once we lost our money there, they took us to Casino Niagara and that is where we had a pretty nice dinner at Lucky's (the local casino restaurant). Everything was great, except the Yorkshire Pudding. Peter could not believe that they serve Prime Rib with a huge Yorkshire Pudding and not one drop of jus or gravy! He made a suggestion to the waitress to inform the chef that this is not correct! She informed us that the Yorkshire Pudding comes back uneatten on most plates - well maybe this is the reason why!?? Other than that, the rest of the meals were really great and we had a wonderful view of the falls from our seats. After our meal we headed into the casino where Peter and I (such big gamblers) lost another $15.00. We did enjoy ourselves and now we can say we actually gambled at a casino! Another new experience under our belts!

One more day and we fly home.......Peter & Connie

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