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Hummingbird at feeder

Bob's campfire

Dick and Linda setting up

Salvation Mountain

Leonard Knight at his Mountain

One of the inside rooms at the Mtn

One of his "tire" trees

Plane at the Slabs

Some friends from Maquoketa (Dick and Linda Ward) were passing through here on their way to see their son Roger in Indio, and came to the Slabs for a few days camping. Good to see people from home. We went out to eat and the only place we could find open was 8 miles south of here at a Donut/American/Mexican/Chinese place... Us gals ate hamburgers and fries, the guys ate Mexican, and we finished up with a box of donuts!

Went to Salvation Mountain (at the west end of the Slabs) and took a tour. Really amazing place. Leonard Knight is 76 years old and has been working on this for 24 years, strictly with things he's found in the desert and donated paint. Dick, Linda and I climbed the painted "yellow brick road" that leads to the top of the mountain. The "mountain" is actually made out of hay bales covered with adobe. He's built "trees" inside some of the rooms that he's constructed that are made out of huge tires (see pic), and he finds panes of glass and makes "windows" as he builds. He lives there and works on it year round, even in the 125 degree summer!

We also took Dick/Linda down to see the local "shower" and hot springs (but there were some guys at the hot springs just getting back into their clothes so we didn't stop and get out!

Noticed a little ultra-light plane as we were coming back to the camper (see pic) - they just use the road for a runway!

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