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Road to Garnd Canyon - Rt. 64

Kathleen Holding the Rail - Soooo Strong : 0

Steve Also Holding the Rail

Deer at Campsite

Sunrise at Trailer Village, Grand Canyon

Cool Morning at the Canyon Edge

Can You Find the Soaring Condor?

A Fossil Find

Kathleen Away From the Mule Path Edge

Kathleen with Friendly Mule


Grand Canyon National Park Information

Grand Canyon, AZ Weather

Saturday, Oct. 20

Hello Family and Friends,

We rose earlier than normal this morning to get a good start on our trip to the Grand Canyon. Due to the overnight temperatures of mid-20's at the Canyon, I filled up the primary propane tank before we left Ponderosa Pines Campground. The person at the Canyon informed me, when I called to confirm our reservation, that there was not refill station at the Canyon campgrounds.

We arrived and entered the park without paying the entrance fee because I flashed my Senior Pass card. It was about 11 AM with a 4 PM check-in but the people who were in our site, H47, left early so we pulled in. The site is very large and could accommodate two more RV's.

After we set up and were resting, we watched in wonder as a man pulled his dual-wheel pickup into the spot behind us pulling a long 5th wheel. He attempted to position his truck and RV in the spot with his companion in the seat beside him. He did not pay attention to the large tree to his right and just about the time that the nose of the RV was to make contact with the trunk, we heard a loud cracking sound of his right hand dual wheel fender being cracked into several pieces.

Still in wonder, we watched as he maneuver his RV as close to the left-hand curb as possible - about 2" - and set up with boards under his RV tires to level it, connection of the water, electric and cable and disconnect his truck. He then started to move his slideout out with his wife outside pounding on the wall to stop because the slideout was was about to hit an immovable steel post. He then had to reverse all of his steps to move the RV away from the curb about a foot.

Kathleen said that it was better than television. : )

After lunch, we took the shuttle to the Information Center to ask questions about mule rides, trails and Wi-Fi connections. The mule rides take 7 hours to go back and forth to a lookout and navigate trails without guard rails. The best walking trail is narrow and adjacent to cliff. The mule trail is wide and we will test out the path walking with the mules on Sunday.

Sunday Morning

The Girls needed to exit the RV at 4 AM. I took one out at a time since we knew that there were deer and elk in the area from the evidence of piles of poop pebbles next to our RV. Bailey was first out and as I waited for her to find the correct spot, I looked up to enjoy the millions bright stars in the black sky, and, as I peered in wonder, a shooting star streaked across the sky - a good omen for this brand new day.

Kathleen helped me with Rosie to get her up and out the door and then she joined me to gaze skyward and be in awe also.

We all went back to bed after the girls ate their breakfast of special kibble, vitamins, joint pills, thyroid pills and steroids for bad hips, a splash of milk and a swab of peanut butter, the latter to make the joint pills be acceptable to swallow.

About 6 AM, I noticed flashes of light on our bedroom shades. I looked out to see a buck lying next to the adjacent RV and the occupants were taking flash photo of the deer in the dark from their windows.

Cloe informed us that it was now her turn to exit so I kept her to the other side of our RV to not disturb the deer. I did not try to get close to it and reentered our unit to get warm. The outside temperature was 35F.

Kathleen noticed that our other neighbor had his camera behind their unit and taking photos of, I assumed, not their sewer hook-up.

I existed out unit and spoke to him and he informed me that there were two bucks across the street and he showed me where.

I walked around and took the photos attached of the two bucks eating the grass between two other RV's.

This morning we attended the fossil presentation by a Park Ranger. The shy was clear, the temperature was 37F and the wind was gusty but his information was presented in a very interesting manner. The Ranger also included information about Condors, two of which were soaring ahead of us over the Canyon. Their wingspan is 9.5' but they looked small in comparison to the Canyon.

We then viewed and tested the mule trail for about 20 yards and noticed that the mules keep to the edge side. We stayed away from the edge side. : )

I am typing this at the Ranger Station which has Wi-Fi free but the pictures may load slowly and there may only be a few. Our broadband card will not work in this area - too remote.

More later about today's, Sunday's, experiences.

Have a great Sunday, October 21, 2007

Steve and Kathleen

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