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I am so excited. It's Friday, which in this house is highly anticipated because it's pay-day for everyone and it's also usually the day we travel.

Today we are in for a real treat. We are going to visit with long time family friends of the Roberts',the Harris's. We have been invited for lunch and an afternoon of entertainment which may include visiting a pumpkin patch. Tristin is beside himself with excitiment as he wants to carve a pumpkin for Halloween this year and has already laid out which carving tools he will use for the job. Lunch, I am sure, will be a feast as Dad Roberts always spoke of the Harris ladies cooking with great reverance. The kids are excited because they believe we will be having a Granny Joy meal which to them is an amazing example of culinary excellence. (My cooking has never even come close.)

I'm also very excited because we have decided to speed up our travel to Maine, through Conneticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire and meet the Harris's in Vermont next week to spend a few days in a town called Stowe which is, apparently, exceptionally beautiful this time of year with the fall leaves, and which also has a renowned farmers market. The highlight for me will be visiting the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream factory. I adore Ben and Jerry's which is conciderably responsible for my increased size since moving to this country.

But most exciting of all is that we have decided to hop the american border and go into Quebec City Canada after we have finished in Stowe. Quebec city is a city I never dreamed I would be able to see just because it seemed so out of the way but providence has lead the path and I am so, so excited. (I must give credit to our newest friends that we met here this week for encouraging us to visit Quebec City. I might not have made the effort had it not been for them rekindling the fire.)

We are about to leave so i'd better go.

Love to you all


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