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bumpy roads mean barely legible writing

tibetan woman in Tingri turns wool into thread

Cho Oyu (8400m) makes an appearance through the drivers window

Qomolangma (everest) in the distance

this summit represents cruising altitude for a jet

windy road

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360 of our stop to gawk at everest

my journal reads:

"left @ 7am, dark & very bumpy on one lane dirt road. climbing the pass to Gyatso-la (5200m) where there will be views of Everest and the Himalaya. i hope the sun is up by then. to the left is the silhouette of a yak herd.

just caught a glimpse of Qomolangma - Everest and the Himalaya. It was impressive, but only cause of all the hype. Should get more views later today. Stopped for lunch @ Shegar - picked up more passengers. Passed thru checkpoint just fine @ Shegar.

climbing to Lung-la pass now (5100m), great views of Himalaya Range ... on to Tong-la pass (5100m) just got out to take pics of Himalaya - Qomolangma on the left, Cho Oyu on the right. they look so close and so huge, but far away. at Tong-la, many prayer flags posted and was VERY windy. Monk got out to pary, prostrate himself at the holy site. most people stayed in the bus and waited for foreigners to take pics. LET EM WAIT!!! have descended from Tong-la now - seeing sheep and shepherds on the hillsides. village after village...

i love the names of these peaks! MAKALU / LHOTSE / NUPTSE / CHO OYU / QOMOLANGMA (EVEREST) / SHISAPANGMA... maybe i name my daughter AMA DABLAM! feel so separated from all this by this bus (the very thing that brought me to it). its like a little bubble, protective.

i love the way we speed around a corner and, BAM, a huge mass of rock and ice appears - Himalayan peek-a-boo! they stand out so much against the dry brown/ grey "lowlands". "hype" comment may need to be retracted - i tihnk i spoke too soon. seems like the hype is justified. beginning to see some knarly ridges, lots of ice, tall peaks. from Nyalam to Zhangmu is crazy. skinny roads, steep long drops, switchbacks - no guardrails. cant believe they built a road here. will spend night in Zhangmu (Dram) and cross border in a.m."

thats my journal, verbatim. what i saw today was.... it would take a far grander writer to give it the words it deserves. nothing i can say can do them justice. just...the crown-jewel of the creation i have seen in my life so far.

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