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Getting all the gear together before we headed off.

Em and her Mr Tickle Arms avoiding doing any work.....coming from the...

Loading up 'Blue Thunder' our 4x4 beast!!!

All of the 4x4's on the ferry across to Frazer Island

The groovy gang!

Heading over to Frazer island

Our first road on Frazer Island. Doesn't seem too tricky so far!...

3 minutes later we were stuck!!! This was to become a familiar...

Lake Mckenzie. I covered myself in the white sand before I got...

Relaxing in Lake Mckenzie. It really was as nice as it looks!!

Me and Em!

Some more Lake Mckenzie!

And again! Em's arty shot.

It all got a bit racey!

Stopping for lunch

Evening drive up to our first camp

We found Bigfoot

Another close encounter with a plane!

They have right of way aparently!!!

He nicked our parking space!!

Oh crap, who let the special kid drive!?!?!?

Sam the man showing off some dance moves. He doesn't even drink!!!!!

Setting up camp for the evening

Sunset over camp

Our home for the night

Because I have blossomed so well I no longer have a cup...

The guys! See how the quiet Canadian wakes up after a couple...

They shared a tent. And probably more.

Everyone playing Sams drinking dancing song "A-choochy-cha". It's a classic. Well it...

I told you.....


Night night campers

Today we had an early-ish start, we all met at reception at 7am and the hostel drove us to the garage where we pick up our 4x4.

When we got there we had another long talk with the man in charge about do's and dont's and then he completely changed our itinery due to tidal changes! The one golden rule we WERE told to follow was always stick to the itinery so that was not a good start!

Then we had to sign loads of forms and go round the car checking it for marks, then we had to go through all the tents to make sure they were all ok and the same with all the food and equipment.

Fiiiiinaly 3 hours later we were off! and after a 40 minute drive to the ferry port and another 45 minutes on the ferry we were on Fraser Island!

Basically Fraser Island is the largest sand Island in the world and there are loads of amazing lakes and sand dunes and lookout points dotted around.

We all agreed that Andrew should carry on driving to our first destination Lake Makenzie.

The roads are all sand and there is a certian technique to driving in sand! (it's not as easy as it sounds!) we took a few wrong turns and eventually got stuck and after trying everything we were told in our training nothing seemed to be working and we were helped out by a bus that was stuck behind us!

We stopped for a bit of lunch first, then left for the short walk to the lake.

Lake Mackenzie was beautiful! Absolutly the most amazing place I have seen so far (Emma) it is pure white sand and the clearest water we have ever seen! so we all had a dip and hung out for a bit but unfortunatly didn't have that long there due to the strict itinery!

After this we had a bit of a drive to our first camp site for the eveing.

We found a nice spot on the beach behind the sand dunes then set up camp.

The only bad thing was there seemed to be a lot of sand flys there, they are massive flys that bite! They're about the size of a 50p!

Once we had our tents up we started cooking dinner - on tonights menu was Beef Casarole with rice and fruit cake for afters! Suprisingly the food was really good!

After dinner we got the goon out and had a few games of '21' and a bit of dancing courtesy of Sam, then we all headed off to bed around 12 as we have to be up and out of camp before 7am tomorrow.

A great day but very very tiring! And luckily no signs of any Dingos yet!


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