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Concord Interntional Furniture

Concord International Furniture

Concord International Furniture

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Concord International Furniture

Manama 'Entry' Gate - Not Really

Iconic World Trade Center - Symbol of Bahrain

Huge City Center Mall

Skyline Being Filled In

Ancient Fort Ruins - Goes Back 5000 Years








Camel Farm - Imir's Passion

They Were Indeed Friendly


F_1 Race Promo


Entry To F-1 Raceway


Bahrain University Entry



Big 3 Bahrain Leaders



First Oil Discovered 1931

Acacia Tree Of Life












Concord International Lobby

Foot Massage Anyone - Lots of Expat Services Mostly From Asia

Bahrain Museum

Bahrain Museum

Bahrain Museum

Bahrain Museum

Bahrain Museum

Today we fly, again...6:30pm.

Still in Kuwait...

4-22 Today we attempted to go up the Liberation Tower which many people told us was closed Fri/Sat for their weekend but would be open today. Got there and the guard said it was closed, only open one day a year! He pointed to a sign on Kuwaiti colors which said 25-26, I can only presume this means the dates celebrating national independence. Month unknown. Foiled in that attempt to see something we tried to find the National Museum (supposedly open today). Wiki Info Kuwait Natl Museum

Everyone pointed to the Science & Education Museum which we already knew about but Mari thought they might know where the other one was so we went. Yes a woman there knew but said it is not possible to walk there from here! We ended up taking an inter city bus out and back to a town, Jahra, close to the border with Saudi Arabia. There is a lot of construction going on here, high rises and highways...many, many cranes everywhere. I can't really understand why they are building more highways which only encourage more cars/traffic (already way too many and traffic jams/slow/crawling lines) when a metro would be more appropriate I would think. The bus system seems to work quite well so I think a metro would make a big dent in transport tie-ups. It might be that only service people (vast majority of bus users), ex-pats from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines etc. would benefit from better transport not Kuwaitis themselves who seem to prefer their own vehicles rather than mix with the 'rabble'! Kind of like most Americans, ha! When we returned to the bus station we ended up not going out again by bus to explore more and filled the remainder of our time repacking before taking the bus to the airport. It took 3 security checks (removing everything but clothes) to get to our United flight gate waiting room.

In Bahrain...

Wiki Info Manama

Wiki Info Bahrain Natl Museum

The flight was only 45 min due to a tail wind but it took 1 1/2 hours to get thru customs. Luckily Bon had arranged for Concord Intl. Hotel to pick us up at the airport...the fellow was waiting patiently for us. Great room with all the conveniences and services, but that's as it should be for $125 US a nite (for the 3 of us)! Just realized that not many people/men smoke here! A huge change from all the previous places we've been so far.

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