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Nice views

Lewis Falls

Lake Lewis

Yellowstone Inn

YS Inn


Waiting for the bus

Waiting for Old Faithful

Thar she blows

Hot Spring

Looks like the moon

Bubble, bubble

No Diving!

The happy couple

Lower Falls






Mud Pots

Toil and trouble

Why do Bison cross the road?

Lake Yellowstone

Their first time

Their second time

When we planned our trip we were going to places we hadn't been before. in '76 we went to Yellowstone NP and drove thru Grand Teton NP. We thought we would just stay at Grand Teton and not go to Yellowstone. Well we did go and we are glad about it. Yellowstone does not have outstanding mountains like Teton or Rocky Mountain National Parks but it has geysers and hot springs and a canyon nearly as grand as the Grand Canyon. In fact, it is called the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Wildlife abounds as we have seen many Elk and Bison. We were in a traffic jam yesterday for over an hour as a herd of Bison crossed the road. When we got to the point where they were they were right beside our truck! We saw Old Faithful blow and walked probably 5 or 6 miles. Today we are taking a break and hanging around the campground. Went to services this morning at the Amphitheatre in our campground and I am writing this blog from the lobby of the Jackson Lodge with a FANTASTIC view of the Grand Teton Mtns. It is a rough life but someone has to do it. Enjoy the pics.

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