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Today JC received the last chemo treatment. The last tomo therapy (radiation) is Wednesday, September 14th. This is the home stretch. It is so good to be counting days instead of weeks.

We have been told that it will be a while before his saliva glands and taste buds will be working again. As a matter of fact, the doctor said that things will not become normal until closer to next spring. We will be keeping the feeding tube for a lot longer than we thought. Patience, patience, patience. Everyone is different, so I am praying that at least the saliva glands will start functioning within a month or so. If the taste buds take longer, so be it. But, without saliva, day to day living is difficult and very unpleasant.

We need to wait a month after treatment stops before a cat scan is done to find out if all the cancer is gone. We will be fudging this by a couple of days so we can leave this part of the country before it gets too cold. If the cat scan is done too soon, it will show some of the therapy treatment giving us a false reading. So, we have to be a little patient. There is that word again. Patience.

Once the treatments stop, he will be able to start to recover other things like strength and fatigue. We have been warned to take it easy for the first 2 weeks. I know JC will try to resume his morning walks. He really misses them.

Our immediate goal and plans are to get to Rocky Point, Mexico by October 25th so we can meet up with JC's family who will be vacationing there. I see a bunch of one night stays in our future so we can get to Mexico on schedule. Life will be good.

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