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Airlie Beach

Matt our 'special' friend in the back

We ran over 6 of them

Me and Em enjoy a fruity lunch

Em made me put this on as I look like I've caught...

Em relaxes after her driving stint

Matt tries to give Santa a kiss. Santa shying away.

Em cooking our cheap pasta and sauce dinner. The woman from Essex,...

Mmmmmmmmmmm. These were mine. Em and Matt just had toast!!!

And then retire for the now obligatory Goon and Domino's. The goon...

Matt's drunk so much goon it's started to leak out of his...

Mine and Em's toothbrush people just hanging out.

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Road Tripin'

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Road Rockin'

Today was our epic day of driving. I say 'our', more Em's and Matt's epic day of driving!!

We are heading for a town called 1770 which we've heard good reviews of but it's about a 10 hour drive away, so another early start!!!

After a lot of driving, cheese and pickle, and sour worms, we finally got to 1770 at about 5pm. I think we had driven through it by about 5.01pm. I say 'I think' as we couldn't find anything there!!!! We had a bit of a mooch around and it did seem like a pleasant little fishing village but that was it, so we headed back to a hostel we passed called "1770 Backpackers" that was in the next village called Agnes Water.

It turned out to be quite a cool hostel and we spent the rest of the evening cooking up a pasta treat, washed down with a sack of 'Goon' (Wine in a box), and played some cards/dominos and chilled with some other people in the hostel.


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