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The Dutch Star parked in front of Ryen's house

The water feature as it looked when we arrived

Working on it!

The heat will do it to you, and I zonked out for...

Thinking about the project

Hank, a family friend enjoying a good German beer

The Ranger getting blow dried by Ryen

Taking a break from the heat

Making progress

Nearing completion

For the last several days it has been very hot here in Sacramento, with temperatures well in excess of 100 degrees during the heat of the day, but dropping into the mid 60's at night, which made for pretty good sleeping without the A/C. Today it reached 105 degrees and is still very hot at 6:00 pm.

Nancy and I have been helping Ryen build a water feature between his and his neighbor Jay's house. It's been a long time since I've done physical labor in this kind of heat, and it really takes it out of you, the heat more than the physical labor. Lots of water and Gatorade consumed, and breaks in the shade from time to time helped us get thru the day. This was a great opportunity to get to know Ryen while helping him with an important project that he wants to get done and working before the wedding people start arriving tomorrow. We've nearly succeeded at that, and we may be able to get it up and going later today.

Ryen is in the Air Force and his job is to service very large cargo airplanes. He's very good with tools and building and fixiing things. This morning he put those skills to work on the Dutch Star and engineered the installation of a reverse osmosis water purification system on the rig. This system will allow us to drink water directly from the fresh water tank which we've been unwilling to do until now. We've either purchased or brought water with us to drink and to cook with, now we won't have to do that anymore.

Yesterday we visited Old Town Sacramento and had lunch there at a Joe's Crab Shack. These restaurants are all over the place out here and have very good seafood. We've been at several of them along the way, and have enjoyed their food and atmosphere.

Nancy's daughter arrived here last evening and people will be continuing to arrive from all over the country for the next several days. The wedding is next Saturday in San Francisco, but the festivities will be beginning long before that. It could get kind of crazy around here, and I'm glad that we have the Dutch Star to escape to if it gets too wild and crazy for us.

This next Thursday we will be moving to a hotel near San Francisco for three nights, and then returning to Sacramento and the Dutch Star on Sunday after the wedding. We'll be taking Packwood with us to the hotel and shutting down the Dutch Star while out of town. That will give us a chance to defrost the refrigerator and freezer while we are gone.

I don't know how many pictures we'll have of the wedding, because I've decided not to take the Nikon and will rely on the small point and shoot Canon for any pictures that we take. What a great little camera it has been for about $200.

I have never used the generator and air conditioners anywhere near as much as I have during this hot spell. It has gotten as hot as 104 degrees inside the rig at times, but when I crank up the generator and both A/C units it will cool it down to the mid 80's in an hour or so which I think is pretty good. I'm really ready for some mid 70's weather again, but probably won't get that as long as we're in Sacramento. San Francisco should be a lot cooler, however.

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