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The good news is only one more chemo and 8 more radiation therapy sessions left. At least that is as of today. The rest of the news is the same. Nasty, nasty, nasty. Discussing some of the particular nasty side effects is a little inappropriate in this blog...sort of like talking about disgusting stuff at the dinner table. So all I will say is that his gag reflex is a challenge to control. The other enemy is fatigue.

He has dropped 12 pounds since the start of treatment. He describes himself as an old man with bird legs. He still has his sense of humor.

His sense of taste is going to take a while to come back. Maybe months. Everything tastes so bad he just cannot eat. We have figured out that he cannot taste sugar. I had to tease him about how ironic that is. This is a guy who used to eat Hot Tamale candies by the handful. 8>) He cut out all sugar for the diabetes so he doesn't have to take meds. Now he can't taste sugar at all. That makes food taste really awful. For example, things that only have a little bit of salt taste really salty.

I went to the grocery store the other day and left him at home to take a nap. He said he was feeling a little hungry so he started sampling whatever he could find in the refrigerator. Creamed pickled herring, applesauce, pickles, chile beans, cottage cheese and finally some clear broth soup w/veggies. The soup was the only thing he could tolerate, and only a couple of tablespoons of it. What a combination of flavors! LOL We will be continuing the tube feeding for the foreseeable future.

The weather here has been a little weird just like the rest of the country. Scorching hot one day with the occasional thunder and hail storm. Cool the next. Today it is bright blue and 95. There is a nice breeze which makes the heat tolerable.

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