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There are flags flying and balloons and many wearing our colours with pride. Ah yes it is good to be an Aussie. Both Mum and I wore our Koala's that we were given last night.

At breakfast Mum said that our waiter Renz had such a happy look on his face when he saw me coming. She has a real thing with trying to say that waiters have a thing for me. Firstly the guy at Oscars in Greece, then Salinas on the USA cruise and now Renz. The woman needs help. They are just being nice and appreciate manners!

It was the last day of bingo today and there was to be two games. One in the morning and the second in the afternoon if the jackpot did not go off in the morning's game. We got our tickets and joined in on the first game. The prizes were a lot higher than they were in yesterday's round which kind of ticked us off. They must have been holding back for the big lot today. We didn't win anything but got to within two numbers. Not bad but we took a couple of dollars each to the casino after to console ourselves. No not really to console ourselves but $4 dollars each doesn't hurt and is a bit of fun.

As the morning's jackpot did not go off, we also went to the afternoon game. The jackpot was $3210. Not bad and would cover the cruise and expenses plus some. Of course we didn't win but it was fun all the same. What Mum had won yesterday had covered the costs of our expenses including our games of bingo so it was free to play when you look at it in that way.

At dinner tonight we heard a rumour that a 16 year old girl had been raped by a 35 year old last night. He had been detained in his cabin on the 5th floor with guards. It is why earlier in the day the ship had come to a stop. Police had boarded the ship. At least after the rape and murder of that female on the Pacific Sun, the cruise line has learnt to get the police involved immediately. Not happy about the fact that something has happened on this one, the Pacific Star, as my Auntie Rolly is on this same ship in just over a week. I hope she doesn't worry too much about it.

We also learnt that Eileen and Colleen keep swapping seats with each other every night as they take turns to sit next to Carolyn. It seems that she is a little hard to take when you are sitting that close. Funny. She is a bit full on with her telling us of all the trips she has been on and the others she is to take. You'd think it would be me that is the one to do that but apparently not.

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