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The house called Beauvoir (Beautiful view)

Statue of JD with son and adopted black son


The "chaperone" mirror

Presidential Library

It does have a nice view

Nearly destroyed during Katrina

Salvage from Katrina

Enjoying the gulf breeze

We visit the last home of Jefferson Davis in Biloxi. Quite a story: This was the home that he lived out his final days. He inherited it from a widow and spent his time writing his memoirs.

The Library and Museum seemed to me to gloss JD as a patriot, true to the US Constitution and firm supporter of states rights... even to allow the enslavement of human beings. Little was documented supporting slavery.

The second part of the story really was Hurricane Katrina. It near demolished the house, and it took 4 years to restore it... actually work was still being done to renovate the house.

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