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Getting ready to go to the showers.

Game of bean bag/toss accross.

One of his few quiet moments.

Need a bike.

View from the paddle boat.

Pappa and Ava paddling.

Making the turn at the end.

Didn't make it.

Missy giving instructions.

Seems to be a weight difference.

The restaurant.

Jay working out.

Restaurant outdoor cooking with scenery.

Mammu and Jay make the turn, no sweat.

Shot across the bow.

Campground owners house.

I see the dock after 45 min.

Watching a new neighbor back in, only 7 tries.

Serious game of Uno.

We are here for 7 days. Most days are the same, fishing from pond to pond, riding bikes, and taking the train ride around the park. Today we went paddle boating. We signed up for an hour. ALL of us were tired after about 30 minutes. We managed to get 45+ minutes in.

Jay and Ava have a nightly routine getting ready for the shower. They make a roll out of their towel and take there PJ's, soap and shampoo. I bought them bags to use, but the rolls are more fun. Of course, we are dropping things along the way.

Braxton has caught over 20 fish. He took a day off.. and low and behold they stocked the pond! Couldn't keep him away. We went looking for him way after dark. He may have spent the night if it didn't get cold.

There is a controlled burn at Wolf Creek Pass. The Valley filled with smoke one evening, which make us consider leaving a day early. It was cleared out by the next morning.

Monday we will be heading toward Colorado Springs to see family.

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