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If at first you don't succeed...

My first attempt to get overland from Hong Kong to Europe failed miserably, I've taken 10 flight, 5 this month since I was last here so 4.5 month later I'm back to have another go.

Feels like I've been here forever but I've been promised my passport back this afternoon, I've heard that one before though, we'll see, hopefully I'll be out of here on Wednesday.

I've developed a real love-hate relationship with Hong Kong, I love the great transportation, the efficient and clean MTR, the Star Ferry and fast ferries to the Islands. I love the fact that 7-Elevens all over the city are turned into impromptu pubs, restaurants and meeting places. I love the rudeness of the people (it's funny), I love Kowloon Park and the Kowloon waterfront with the bi-nightly light show, but most of all I love the skyline, 4 of the highest 15 buildings in the world in one small space.

I hate the overcrowding and rush-hour crushes, the poor and/or expensive accomodation, the crazy prices in bars that make London seem reasonable, the rudeness of the people (it's unnecessary) and the pathectic touts on the streets who have no willpower or determination, they need to go back to India to see how it's done properly.

And one final point on the Honkies (as the Malaysians love to call them), I remember when diving in Borneo that the locals used to go on about the Honky divers with all the latest hi-tech equipment and no clue how to use it, well that applies to most things. I've had great fun watching them with their huge professional camera set ups and no clue what to do with it - sending multiple flashes across the harbour at night and wondering why they don't get the shot, I watched one guy trying to photograph a Christmas display in a Mall for 10 minutes, his enormous flash was set to a complex anti-red-eye mode and after the first couple of flahes he always moved the camera before the shot was taken and looked perplexed when he had a picture of the floor or ceiling but he did it again and again. If the touts are no good the camera salesmen must have a great line in accessory selling.

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