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Teresa & JC at Sylvan Lake

Mist gently foating on the surface

Flower bulb on a prickly weed

Almost looks like there should be a sea monter lurking below the...


This is probably my favorite lake of many in the Black Hills



Built in stairs

At the dam

Numerous lush moss

Solid granite on each side holding granite boulders in place overhead

Time is 9:56:04 pm

Time is 9:56:13 pm

Time is 9:56:29 pm

Time is 10:06:32 pm

Time is 10:06:40 pm

Time is 10:06:47 pm

Time is 10:07:18 pm

Time is 10:07:24 pm

In between all the trauma, JC's sister Teresa visited us on her way from Nova Scotia back home to Reno, Nevada. Her visit was short but really lifted JC's and my spirits. It was so good to see her. She also shared some of the pictures she took while vacationing in Nova Scotia. Some of you may remember our plans, before the cancer diagnosis, was to spend the later part of July and August in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. It was great to see some of what we missed.

JC wanted to show her everything. Of course, that was not going to happen. Teresa had been on a road trip through the Black Hills a couple of years ago with JC's other sister, Kat. So she had seen some of the Black Hills, but not everything.

We determined the Wildlife Loop, Sylvan Lake, Needles Hwy and Iron Mountain Road would encompass some of our favorite drives with minimal energy expenditure for JC.

I drove so you will be spared a whole bunch of pictures. We did stop and took a stroll around a portion of Sylvan Lake. This particular day was overcast and there were fine misty low clouds floating across the lake. It was quite enchanting in contrast to the bright sunshine we usually experience. So there are a few pictures of the lake.

The buffalo herd was split up into 3 or 4 groups along the Wildlife Loop and Iron Mountain Rd. Being scattered gave us a chance to see them several times along the various roads. We are just like little kids when it comes to seeing wildlife, but then I think most of us are.

We were out for almost 5 hours. JC hung in there, but I think he napped for most of the next 2 days. It was really good to get out, and such good therapy. 8>)

When we got home, I got JC fed and his meds administered. Teresa and I took off for a really nice chinese dinner at the Imperial Chinese Restaurant. This is not a buffet. It is located at 702 East North St. Rapid City. It was excellent. I can hardly wait for JC to be able to eat again so we can both go.

In this post I have included a series of sunset pictures I took a week or so ago. The time stamp started at 9:56:04 and went to 10:07:24. That is about 11 minutes. I did not edit or enhance these pictures. My point in including them is to show how much the sky changed in such a short time.

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