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Our now daily Cheese 'n' Pickle Picnic!!

Action shot.

The Pickle Shack!!! Not a bad view either.

We were on the road again by about 10am this morning (as there wasn't much happening around here) for our 5 hour drive down to Airlie Beach.

We stopped off for a picnic on the way but other than that it was pretty much just a straight run through.

We got to Airlie at about 4pm and set about getting a hostel and booking a Whitsunday Island boat trip.

The hostel (Magnums) is quite cool and massive but there seem like a bit of a buzz here.

We booked up a boat trip for the following day (we were trying to book up a 2 day 1 night trip on a boat but they were all booked out for a few days so we had to just go for the day trip) which should be quite cool (and also booked up a trip to Frazer Island in a few days time) and then headed to the man made Lagoon to cool off after all this 'work'. It turns out though that the Lagoon is about the same temperature as the sun so it was more like a bath than a Lagoon. It was great but not exactly refreshing! (bet that warm Lagoon sounds like heaven to everyone back in Blighty though!)

We had a few beers at the hostel in the evening but had an early start the next mornig so nothing too big.

Oh we did discover when we retired for the night that the aircon in the room had just broken so an uncomfortable night sleep followed!


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