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Barb & Jack, posing in front of the obligatory Deadwood sign

Beautiful cars on display all over town...

We hooked up with Lou & Terry at Cadillac Jack's, Dick's taking...

Last years winner...Check out the paint job...

Would you call this a hood ornament??? LOL

The guys were impressed with all of the chrome on this Chevy,...

As far as the eye can see, folks have reserved their space...

We had more fun entertaining ourselves here at the potluck!

Jo was afraid she was chewing in the last photo (she wasn't)...

We've had a full schedule the past few days. Tim & Crystal came in early Friday morning from Hart Ranch. Checked into their hotel and then biked 10 miles of the Mikkelson Trail. In the late afternoon they met us downtown for a couple of hours of musical entertainment. Pat & Mike McFall were there as well and invited us to a potluck Saturday at 4pm. We haven't seen them nearly enough this year so were pleased for the invitation. We met Mike & Pat a few years ago when we purchased our Pressure Pro tire system from them. We certainly feel much safer with that system on our rig and were blessed to make new friends to boot! You can check the Pressure Pro system out here if you're not yet familiar with it.

Pressure Pro

After the music we headed back to the 5'er for dinner. I had a roast in the crockpot, so other than putting the salad together, it was pretty much time to eat. Good thing, we were all starving! Tim & Crystal brought a bottle of wine and a delicious berry pie from the Purple Pie shop to share.

After dinner, Crystal spent a few minutes showing me how to install the RV Sunshade we purchased for our back window. I have to do a bit of trimming on it, so it is not yet installed, but I'll 'get-R-done' this week one day.

RV Sunshades

We took a walk to the back of the property afterward, trying to make enough room in our tummies for that pie! They headed back to their room downtown soon after. 10 miles of biking (8 of it mostly uphill according to Tim) had them a bit sore and definitely ready to hit the sack earlier than usual. Thanks guys, we had a wonderful evening!

This morning Jack & Barb and Larry & I went to Deadwood for a few hours. J & B have never been toDeadwood before, and Kool Deadwood Nights is the 'happening' place to be this weekend. We understand there are over 800 cars in the Hills for the event this year. Of course there were the usual vendors, great music and lots of folks in town! Dick, Lou & Terry were in town as well. They went in earlier than we did, but we hooked up with them when we arrived. Deadwood is always a good time. About 2pm we started our trek back home in order to get to the potluck. Due to the traffic, we were a few minutes late, but enjoyed happy hour when we arrived anyway.

We had the pleasure of meeting several new couples when we arrived. Many of you know Fred & Jo Wishnie (and Boo Boo too, of course). We've followed their journal for quite some time and it was nice to finally meet them. Ian & Margaret, from Arizona, were there as well and full of good information about our datastorm service. Apparently they are traveling with the Wishnies for 4 weeks through North & South Dakota. A very nice couple, and I noticed Ian has a perpetual smile on his face! Those are the kind of folks it's fun to hang out with! As usual, everyone brought their own meat and a dish to share. A wide variety this evening and everything was delicious. Our time together was over too soon, but we thank you all for sharing with us!

Arriving back home, Jack built a campfire and we gathered round to chat about our day. We are all a bit bummed that our time here in Custer is almost over. 10 days left, oh my! How this summer has flown by. And yet, it's kind of exciting to think about what comes next! In the meantime, we plan to enjoy each and everyday and cherish our time with both our old and new friends alike. What a blessed life we are so fortunate to live!

Oops, I accidentally posted my full size pics today instead of the smaller resized ones! Hope it doesn't take too long for them to load...sorry!

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