Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

The ranch had horses

Camels too




Little horses.


Wooly Cattle

And of course, Bison

Lots of em.

Pretty big boys and girls

Whoa big feller your holdin' up the mail

Lincoln statue at the highest point on the famed Lincoln Highway

Wyoming Territorial Prison

Stockade around the prison

Looks like a prison

Off to the pokey for you!

Ready to ride into town for a blue plate special

Family farm just out of town

Church for the Saturday night heathens in sight of the saloon

Before we left Cheyenne we took a tour of the Bison Ranch (280,000 acres)where our campground was. I wasn't expecting much but we both really enjoyed taking the train out to the range. Then we headed to Laramie WY to round out my cowboy. We took the old Lincoln Highway, which was the first transcontinental road. This was before the government even had a highway system. At the highest part of the highway (over 8000 feet) was a statue of Abe Lincoln who envisioned a cross country transportation corridor. We stopped at the Wyoming Territorial Prison historical site in Laramie. Laramie was quite a town back in the mid 1800s. This restored prison (very well done) once housed Butch Cassidy and other "notables". On the grounds was also a fully recreated western town that looked ready for Wyatt Earp to ride into town and clear out the saloon. This was really neat! Then our choices. Laramie has one KOA campground. We have been camping since 1973 and EVERY TIME we have stayed at a KOA we have had a less than favorable experience. So, our other choice was the Wal-Mart parking lot. It was an easy one for us and 9 other campers, 4 trucks and a bus. The price was right too. On further west and north today. Enjoy the pics.

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