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This is only to help see on the map our route...we did not stop here except to change buses onward to Perito Moreno where we arrived at 10 pm. It was our intent to stay here the night and visit the caves where handprints were found. Unfortunately, the next bus out to Los Antiguos was not going until 11 am tomor and we hoped to be on our way to Chile by then. Also, we saw no ON accomodations nearby, thus requiring us to get a taxi to town which was a ways away. The LP gives no info on this town so we do not even know where we would be going, thus depending on a taxi driver to help...hmmm! Decided to make a quick group decision (3 to 1) after we had taken our packs off the bus to buy tickets to Los Antiguos and try our luck there. So we loaded back up and we were in Los Antiguos by 11 pm.

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