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The Codge Lodge in the morning

Packing up the car...AGAIN!!! What a hard life.


A view from the back of the hostel in case you was...

How excited can 2 people be. And it's just me looking at...

Some cloudy hills en route...

Josephene Falls what did they do?!?!?!.......

Yep! We got in. Don't worry I was wearing my protective fat...


Matt copies everything I do!!!!

We are the 'special' brothers!!!!!

And now for the easier one

I got two black eyes coming down this one!!!

One picture of me and it's blurry, thanks Ozz!!!

Anything they can do I can do better!

Em towels herself down after her heroics!

Mission Beach

...and it's ALLLLLL to ourselves!!!

Heh heh heh

Em starts the picnic!!!

A giant jellyfish in a wig.

We don't know why we were the only ones on it!!!!

Just like Ursula Andreas eh?!?!?

While me and Matt splashed about Em did some sand art. That's...


It's all too much for Em!!

Ohhhhhhh arty!

A coconut tree.

Can't argue with that.......except perhaps the spelling!!!

Our secret path to the deserted beach!

View point on the mountain road from mission beach

What a gang!!!

Taking some time out to actually LOOK at the view!!!

Taking some time out to ruin the view!!!

Em driving sensibly and within the speed limit Mums & Dads

Em's face blew up the the size of a balloon and her...

We left Innesfail or "Wierdsville" as we have re named it pretty quick sharp this morning!!!

Seeing as we have found a new love for waterfalls....we decided to check out the main attraction that is Josephine falls on the way to Townsville.

It was a 700m walk through the rainforest to get to this beaut.. but it was well worth it.

We walked up to the top viewing area which is a no go zone, but boys will be boys and mid telling them not to go in.....they were in!

I met them at the bottom and we got in to the fresh water pool for a dip and a swim over to the natural slide.

Unfortunatly a massive day trip group turned up just as we got in! but it was still amazing, the water was freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing but you soon get used to it.

In true Emma style I slipped over at the top of the slide then screamed the whole way down but it was great fun!!

It started to rain so we headed back to the car and started our 4 or so hour drive down to Townsville.

It was dark by the time we got there and we found 2 hostels, one was locked so we opted for the other one and we was lucky to get the last room.

After we dumped our stuff we went for a look around, the town looked really nice, it was on a harbour, but all the shops and bars seemed to be shut! so we grabbed some dinner and a few beers at an italian place that was the only place open! It was alright but a bit overpriced.

Then the boys went for a few beers and I headed for bed as I was tired from all the driving!!!!!!!!


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