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Carla, who we first met in Hong Kong, was such a great...

We stayed in Little Italy - that explained the red glow outside...

Boston's Freedom Trail - took us all over the city to the...

Paul Revere was important in the war of independence

first stop on our Freedom Trail walk...

This church was were Paul Revere placed the lantern signal in the...

The pipe organ - still works today!

little box stalls were assigned to parishoner families who attended the services

Brian found a good spot

you had better take cover, there's rain on the way!

After a quick rainstorm, we walked on to the cemetery

A shoulder to lean on...

boy, how headstones have changed!

Everything you wanted to know about gravestones!

nice straight rows

Lazin' on a sunny afternoon...

Boston architecture - including the colourful plant pots

Boston quayside and naval training base area

where we sat for a while to watch the world go by...

From the very new... the very old!

Come aboard the USS Constitution

have a look around

Then it was onto the history of Boston show and a visit...

finish the day with smelling some flowers...ahh



We had to check it out ourselves!

The next day it was off to the market...Quincy Market.

Where all the cool people hang out

...and old city hall

I don't remember murals like this in Belfast!

or brickwork so elaborate!

the building with the big gold's name escapes us!

An important fella in USA's history

It's getting late...where should we go now?

Where everybody knows your name!

What can I get ya?

Norm wasn't there, so we had to go back the next day...

Now sit back and relax...

You are about to see...

the strangest thing we saw...

while walking the Freedom Trail throughout Boston City!

Each cow had a name...

Say what?

Yes it's true!

Names like...

"Mooooder Goose's Nursery Rhymes!" (do you get it, with the pictures?)

This one was "Kamoooooono Cow" (like Kumono...)

The rest we've forgotten their names...

...but they are sweet all the same! Cheese!

Some cut right to the bone!

Others were a walk in the park!

They were everywhere!

historic ones...

patriotic ones...

Ones with a good sturdy rump!

There were ballerina cows...

and good milking ones!

Each one had a lot to say. Mooooooooooooooo!

Everyone aboard for the Boston Tea Party!

We enjoyed seeing Carla again and were glad she remembered us from last November in Hong Kong. It's been great to meet up with so many friends we had met along our travels. Carla was living in the Italian District of Boston which was alive with sports fans watching the World Cup can imagine the jubulation when Italia won this year!!! As well as being hot and humid, we actually felt the Italian fever as the glow of the red and green neon sign shone through our window at night...special! :-) We are grateful to Carla who made us feel right at home!

After a good sleep, we were off to follow the red brick road - literally! The Freedom Trail is a red brick trail outlining for tourists a self-guided tour of the main historic sights to see in Boston. It's great! A city where you can't get lost and you don't even need a map!!! We stopped at the Old North Church to hear about how Paul Revere (the church warden) snuck into the church one night, despite a night curfew and guards patrolling the city, to warn the Americans of a British invasion. As history/the poem goes, he took the lantern up to the steeple which was the highest point in the city, where the Americans could see it clearly from the other side of the city. They were able to prepare for the British's naval invasion and avoid being conquered.

We strolled through the cemetery after an afternoon shower and then onto the naval base which had the USS Constitution on show.

The next day, we toured the Quincy Market and all the historic buildings of downtown. But no day in Boston is complete without a stop off in CHEERS! Did you guess it from the hint we gave you below??? Confusingly enough, this isn't the place where CHEERS was actually filmed...but...the place where it was filmed looks nothing like the TV set as we remember it! This one does! Figure that out! Alas, none of the characters we knew were there so we called it a night.

From Photo #40 onwards, well it's just cows...lots of them! All over the city of Boston, we found these colourful creatures complete with creative names! We could only remember a few of them, but you can have some fun guessing at the rest!

PS Do you remember the TV show that was "filmed before a live studio audience" in Boston...well, we were there - but Norm wasn't.

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