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On the Highway to Muscat...Selling Fruit in the Desert

In Dubai:

Got a late start...Metro to Al Baker stop then walk, and walk...heat is oppressive (45/100) to Oman National Transport Co., the only one which will take foreigners over the border. Get there at 10:45am...bus leaves at 3pm, 6 hours. Missed the only other one at 7am, but never would have made it with Mari (not an early riser).

On the way to an internet 2 blocks from bus station to Muscat, I passed no less than 17 car rental agency store fronts! In an internet with no AC so will finish this off, I'm beginning to swim in my shirt, ha! Because the internet was w/o AC I ended/paid for an hour after only a half hour online, not my usual MO but I swear it had to be over 45°C (100°F).

Got back to the station office (actually, just a small store front place) and experienced a slight panic attack. The door was locked, all our bags were gone, and no one in sight! I checked behind the building, nothing. The 2 men sitting on some steps nearby when I asked just kind of motioned like 'Gone'. Luckily, I happened to glance across the avenue half block down and saw a bus...yes, they were loading the bus at 1:30, motor running to have AC, and here we sit for another two hours. Price of trip across border to Oman $55 durem=$17.50 US. We were about to leave and the driver came thru the bus to collect tickets...another panic attack, I couldn't find mine. Left it at the internet when I got it out to type info into journal!! I jumped out of the bus and in 100° F heat ran 2 blocks to/from the internet, it sat right where I put it, after all no one in their right mind would be sitting in the heat of that place. Totally exhausted, it took over an hour for my pulse to get below 100!

Arrive in Muscat:

Didn't leave 'til 3:30, got to Muscat at 9:30 and went across the street to nearest hotel...full, then down a block to another, Al Wafa Hotel Flats, bingo! A flat with kitchen, bath, 2 beds & mattress on floor, AC (a must now) & very nice people...Karmil & Salah helpful guys at desk (Omani).

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